If you're an MBCU member you can borrow from us and are likely to pay less than buying from a catalogue or a rent-to-buy shop. You can borrow small sums for short periods, as well as larger sums. We'll need to be sure that you can afford to repay what you borrow, so we'll need details of your income and expenditure and we may check your credit rating and whether you have CCJs against you.

We have 4 types of loan. Click on the links below for more details.

Handy Loans

Borrow up to £600 and pay back within 12 months to buy items like a TV, fridge, or washing machine.

Rainy Day Loans

Borrow less than you have invested with us and pay a much lower interest rate. Useful for credit card and other bills.

Members Loans

Borrow up to 3 times the amount you have invested with us. Much cheaper than loan sharks or rent-to-buy shops.

Home Energy Loans

A lower rate for improving your home heating to replace your boiler, fix your radiators, improve your controls or add insulation.


Select the loan type and then use our calculator to see what these loans will cost. Our monthly interest rate applies to the amount you owe each month, which drops as you replay the loan.